USS Askari

2005 Reunion - September 1-5

2005 Reunion

Attendees of the Reunion
Left to Right
Paul Erasmus, Bob Pettit, Ed Toth, Norm Neuleib, Lee Daley (back), Marvin Marks (green shirt), Max Hoover, Ken Kirkland (black shirt), Merrill Davis (blue shirt),  Bill Powell (behind Merrill), Bud Bessey (on chair),  Jim Renton.  Association members attending and not pictured: Steve Klosterman, Brian Mahoney, & Don Reeder 

The Organizers

Ed Toth

Ed Toth, Outgoing President

Max Hoover

Max Hoover, New President

Lee Daley

Lee Daley, Vice President

Reunion Fun

2005 Reunion

That's some Pig!

2005 Reunion

We had lot's to eat!

2005 Reunion

Same here!