USS Askari

Shipmates Photos

The photographs in this section have been supplied by the below listed shipmates and used with their permission. Some of the photos have also been downloaded from various web sites.

Any mistakes in the names of shipmates or locations are purely accidental and are most likely caused by the loss of memory as we all approach our "golden years". We apologize for any mistakes and will correct them as soon as we are notified. We also hope that shipmates who recognize either an unnamed shipmate or location will advise us of the correct names so that we can add them to this collection.

We appreciate the efforts of all of our shipmates who have searched through dusty attics and garages and opened a multitude of cardboard boxes to find these photos and then taken the time and expense to have them converted into a digital format so that they could be used both on this site and the DVDs we have produced so far. We hope that as this web site becomes more well known we will establish contact with more shipmates who may also have material that can be added to this site.

- Pete Seitz (EN2/MR2 1967 - 1969)

- Karl Lindbloom (EM2 1967 - 1968)

- Frank LaRosa (1969 until the Askari was turned over in Guam)